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"hey Experts, how'd your talent start?"
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Dan Havey
ClickFunnels Ninja Hacker
Derek Wilson
THE High Ticket Closer
Helen henley
Total Rockstar Writer
Josh Forti
Social Media Extraordinaire
josh ryan
Instagram Expert Machine
Julia Taylor
Insane Wordpress Expert
Kevin Anson
Funnel Hacker TV Videographer
Leslie Black
My Killa Accountant
Marley Baird
Crazy Youtube Expert
Nico Moreno
Ridiculous ChatBots Expert
Sema Erzouki
The "Facebook Ads Whisperer"
Nathan shearer
Funnel Hacker Of The Finest
"Steve, Who Are You?"
I'm Steve Larsen...

I Build Sales Funnels And Offers For A Living...

But I Didn't Start That Way...

I Started As An Affiliate Marketer Because It Was Virtually Risk Free...

And I Didn't Need My Own Product Yet...
"So, Why Are You Giving This Away For Free?"
There's A LOT That Goes Into A Good Sales Funnel...

Not Everyone Afford Paying Me My $100k Fee To Help Them Create A Sexy Offer...

I Thought It'd Be Cool To Assemble Some Of My Team Experts To Teach How Easy It Is To Promote Other People's Products...

I Hope You Enjoy This, Make Money From This, Then Hire Me Later ;)
 What You're Gonna Get...
Pre-Built Funnel Templates
• As I Build The Funnels LIVE - IN FRONT OF YOU, You'll Get Access To The Download Link For Your Own Affiliate Business...
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Pre-Written Email Templates
• Watch Different Promotion Strategies - Then Download The Pre-Written Email Templates To Use On Your Own. Plug and Play baby!
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12+ Experts Teach Their Secrets
• I've Convinced Some Of The Top Experts - To Come Teach You How To Promote Other People's Products On Multiple Platforms... (is it ok if we over deliver?)
($3997 Value)
Affiliate Traffic Models
• My Personal Facebook Ads ROCKSTAR - Is Coming In To Teach The In's And Out's Of Facebook That Would Make Mark Zuckerberg Red With Rage... (of course we game it)
($1447 Value)
Promotion Strategies
• Over A Dozen Affiliate Promotion Strategies - Which You'll Get To Watch Me Build IN FRONT OF YOU So That You Can Model The Same...
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Just To Recap...
P.S. Just in case you're like me and want all "the deets" at once, here's the deal:

I've assembled a rockstar group of people who are experts on various internet platforms (you'll likely know their names)...

They were asked to answer the prompt:

"How would you use your platform expertise to promote someone else's product?"

On top of that I'll be giving you a pre-written email sequence you can use to put your affiliate link in...

ALSO - I'll be building all of this LIVE and giving you the exact funnel I built on the training. Plug and play baby! :)

Lastly, I convinced my incredible skilled traffic driver to come and show you how Facebook Ads really work (it's really eye opening)...

There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

The program is 100% and a gesture of thanks to you and my subscribers for following me over these years while I built my internet business to a place where I could leave my job...

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